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Learn-AT Staff Code of Conduct (PDF)
LAT001 Learn-AT Attendance Management and Leave Policy (PDF)
LAT010 Learn-AT Whistleblowing Policy (PDF)
LAT013 Learn-AT Safer Recruitment Policy (PDF)
LAT015 Learn-AT Support Staff Performance Management Policy (PDF)
LAT018 Learn-AT Employee Grievance Policy (PDF)
LAT025 Learn-AT Recruitment of Ex-Offenders Policy (PDF)
LAT026 LGPS Discretionary Policies (PDF)
LAT027 LGPS Addendum Policies (PDF)
LAT034 Learn-AT Organisational Change Policy (PDF)
LAT035 Learn-AT Flexible Working Policy (PDF)
LAT037 Learn-AT Appeals Policy (PDF)
LAT042 Learn-AT Disciplinary Policy (PDF)
LAT045 Learn-AT Teachers' Pay Policy (PDF)
LAT046 Learn-AT Teachers' Performance Review Policy (PDF)
LAT048 Learn-AT Support Staff Probation Policy (PDF)
LAT054 Learn-AT Staff Capability Policy (PDF)