Reference Category Date Approved Next Review Date
DfE Use of Reasonable Force Policy Health and Safety, School
Learn-AT Behaviour Framework (PDF) Curriculum, Education
Harmful Sexual Behaviour Guidance (PDF) Safeguarding
Learn-AT Staff Code of Conduct (PDF) HR, Safeguarding
Learn-AT Local Governing Body Code of Conduct (PDF) Governance
AT060 Learn-AT School Attendance Policy (PDF) Education, School, Safeguarding
covid1 Leicestershire and Rutland COVID-19 Outbreak Management Plan for Education Settings (PDF) Health and Safety
LAT001 Learn-AT Attendance Management and Leave Policy (PDF) HR, Leave
LAT002 Learn-AT Investment Policy (PDF) Finance
LAT003 Learn-AT Gifts and Hospitality Policy (PDF) Finance
LAT004 Learn-AT GAG Pooling Appeals Policy (PDF) Finance
LAT005 Learn-AT Anti-Fraud and Corruption Policy (PDF) Finance
LAT006 Learn-AT Finance Policy (PDF) Finance
LAT007 Learn-AT Payroll Policy (PDF) Finance
LAT008 Learn-AT Data Protection Policy (PDF) Data Protection
LAT008a Learn-AT Privacy Notice for Governors, Trustees and Volunteers (PDF) Data Protection
LAT008b Learn-AT Privacy Notice for Staff (PDF) Data Protection
LAT008c Learn-AT Privacy Notice for Pupils (PDF) Data Protection
LAT008d Learn-AT Privacy Notice for Parents and Carers (PDF) Data Protection
LAT009 Learn-AT Reserves Policy (PDF) Finance
LAT010 Learn-AT Whistleblowing Policy (PDF) HR, Grievance
LAT011 Learn-AT Related Parties Policy (PDF) Finance
LAT012 Learn-AT Dealing with Persistent or Vexatious Complaints or Harassment Policy (PDF) School
LAT013 Learn-AT Safer Recruitment Policy (PDF) HR
LAT015 Learn-AT Support Staff Performance Management Policy (PDF) HR, Pay
LAT016 Learn-AT Complaints Policy (PDF) General
LAT017 Learn-AT Freedom of Information Policy (PDF) Data Protection
LAT018 Learn-AT Employee Grievance Policy (PDF) HR, Grievance
LAT019 Learn-AT E-Safety Policy (PDF) Safeguarding
LAT020 Learn-AT Safeguarding Practice Guidance (PDF) Safeguarding
LAT021 Learn-AT Safeguarding Policy (PDF) Safeguarding
LAT021a Learn-AT Child Protection Policy Addendum March 2021 (PDF) Safeguarding
LAT022 Learn-AT Safeguarding Training Framework Policy (PDF) Safeguarding
LAT025 Learn-AT Recruitment of Ex-Offenders Policy (PDF) HR
LAT026 LGPS Discretionary Policies (PDF) HR
LAT027 LGPS Addendum Policies (PDF) HR
LAT029 Learn-AT Records Management Policy (PDF) Data Protection
LAT030 Learn-AT Health and Safety Policy (PDF) Health and Safety
LAT031 Learn-AT Business Continuity Plan (PDF) Health and Safety, General
LAT032 Learn-AT Assessment Framework (PDF) Curriculum, Education
LAT032a Learn-AT Assessment Framework Addendum (PDF) Curriculum, Education
LAT033 Learn-AT Scheme of Delegation (PDF) General
LAT034 Learn-AT Governance Framework (PDF) General
LAT034 Learn-AT Organisational Change Policy (PDF) HR, Other HR
LAT035 Learn-AT Flexible Working Policy (PDF) HR
LAT036 Learn-AT SEND Policy (PDF) Education
LAT037 Learn-AT Appeals Policy (PDF) HR
LAT038 Learn-AT Expenses Policy (PDF) Finance
LAT039 Learn-AT Equality and Diversity Policy and Objectives (PDF) General
LAT040 Learn-AT Exclusion Policy (PDF) Education
LAT041 Learn-AT Social Media Code of Conduct for Parents and Carers (PDF) School
LAT042 Learn-AT Disciplinary Policy (PDF) HR
LAT043 Learn-AT Admissions Policy 2024/25 - Part 1 (PDF), Learn-AT Admissions Policy Part 2 2024/25 - St Andrew's, Learn-AT Admissions Policy Part 2 2024/25 - South Kilworth, Learn-AT Admissions Policy Part 2 2024/25 - Ridgeway, Learn-AT Admissions Policy Part 2 2024/25 - Red Hill Field, Learn-AT Admissions Policy Part 2 2024/25 - Market Harborough, Learn-AT Admissions Policy Part 2 2024/25 - Meadowdale, Learn-AT Admissions Policy Part 2 2024/25 - Lubenham, Learn-AT Admissions Policy Part 2 2024/25 - Husbands Bosworth, Learn-AT Admissions Policy Part 2 2024/25 - Great Bowden, Learn-AT Admissions Policy Part 2 2024/25 - Blaby Stokes, Learn-AT Admissions Policy Part 2 2024/25 - Church Langton Education
LAT043 Learn-AT Admissions Policy 2023/24 - Part 1 (PDF) School
LAT043 Learn-AT Admissions Policy 2022/23 - Part 1 (PDF) School
LAT043 Learn-AT Admissions Policy 2021/22- Part 1 (PDF) School
LAT044 Learn-AT Curriculum Pedagogy Framework (PDF) Curriculum, Education
LAT045 Learn-AT Teachers Pay Policy 2021-22 (PDF) HR, Pay
LAT045 Learn-AT Teachers' Pay Policy 2022-23 (PDF) HR, Pay
LAT046 Learn-AT Teachers' Performance Review Policy (PDF) HR, Pay